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Sometimes it’s not easy to find the materials and fittings that you want in small or economical quantities. Here are a couple of hardware kits which can help:



Cobweb centre hub kit


The Cobweb is a popular HF aerial which can be purchased as a complete kit from the designer G3TPW, or you may wish to roll your own. My kit provides the metalwork and fittings for the centre hub and includes everything seen in the picture below, ie two mounting plates, V bolts, three 1” OD aluminium tubes for the central portion of the arms, and necessary clamps and fittings.

Cobwebb - full centre hub kit
Cobwebb - centre hub kit assembled
  • The full centre hub kit is available for £35, plus £8.50 UK shipping


  • A part kit is also available without the aluminium tubes for £25 plus £5 UK shipping.


To make a complete Cobweb, the user will need to supply his/her own wire for the elements, plastic or fibreglass tube for the spreader arms, and a balun/transformer and box. A choice of balun/transformers is available from M0PZT; m0pzt <at> m0pzt.com or www.hamgoodies.co.uk shop - just opened ! An excellent source of fibreglass tube is Sandpiper Aerials; www.sandpiperaerials.com.



6m kit for the SteppIR 3 element beam (Six News Feb 2015)


This kit, designed by Ian White GM3SEK provides a modification to this popular aerial and brings a major enhancement to the 6m performance. Gain and front to back ratio are improved, and sensitivity to rain or frost is reduced.


Two kit options are available:

  • Full kit of two 6m elements with all parts needed, including ½” and 5/8” OD tubes, V bolts and isolating clamps (stainless steel apart from the saddle), available for £35 plus £12.50 UK shipping


  • Part kit; everything above except the ½” tubing for £25 plus £5 UK  shipping.


two of these element mounts are included in the "part kit"
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