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Late in 2007 I purchased a second-hand Versatower. With help from friends it was dug out and removed from its Warwickshire home and transported back to Colchester. I was particularly pleased to get one with a complete original ground post. This is a mini Versatower, just about the smallest they ever produced, using three 10 foot sections. This is quite adequate for EME because one is often using elevation to point at the moon and therefore aerial height is not necessary.


This little tower will supplement my standard 45ft one which houses aerials for tropo work. Don’t get the impression that I have acres of ground to play with here though ! Into this 90 x 50 ft plot is squeezed a detached house, double garage, greenhouse and a septic tank. As it happens, the location of the septic tank and its inlet pipe and outlet soakaway were determining factors in the positioning of the small Versatower. While I was digging, quite a lot of water seeped into the foundation hole and I preferred not to think about its source.

Here are the Versatower parts, waiting for me to dig a hole
Here's the base post, planted in March 2008. Now I need to dig another hole to get rid of the spoil.
Its "big brother" is in the background
First test, fully extended to a massive 25 ft or so !
First part of the H frame, with Yaesu azimuth rotator and Spid elevation rotator
Four 8 element yagis from I0JXX installed, plus a temporary location for the weather station
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